How Excessive Flooding Effects Wastewater Treatment Plants

90% of natural disasters are flood related

Today we will be taking a closer look at how excessive flooding effects wastewater treatment plants. After wildfires, flooding is the most widespread natural disaster in the United States; in fact, they consist of 90% of the natural disasters announced by our President. Flooding not only impacts our drinking water, it can also cause damage to our assets, personnel and loss of power.

Flooding causes environmental disaster

Another factor to consider is many wastewater treatment plants take preventative measures, such as; creating an emergency response plan, elevating electrical equipment and having emergency generators on hand, to increase their flood resilience (ability to withstand flooding).  These measures minimize damage, and aid them in a rapid recovery.  However, even with all these precautions problems can still arise from excessive flooding.  For example, earlier this year a wastewater treatment plant was involved in an accident which caused 235 million gallons of untreated wastewater, 30 million of that being raw sewage, to be dumped into a nearby body of water. This water contained endangered orcas as well as many threatened species of fish, the accident not only put the plant employees in danger, it was also a violation of environmental standards.

How can water be the key to life and still cause all this damage (Over $25 Million)? Fortunately, Mother Nature is not to blame, it can all be traced back to a maintenance error, the plant employees failed to replace inexpensive switches with expensive but less problematic ones, even after a consulting with a professional, but instead decided to “repair” them without questioning if they were still functioning properly.

Purified water reduces risk of disease

Excessive flooding effects wastewater treatment plants in many different ways. However, there are steps we can take to protect ourselves from having contaminated water in our homes. Pure water systems are our last line of defense against 2,100 known toxins normally found in water. Research has found that not only can drinking purified water reduce your risk of cancer by eliminating chlorine and other harmful bacterial contaminants, but also it is the absolute best for children and their developing immune systems.