Emerging contaminants in the Houston Water Supply

Mirex AquaPure Solutions wants to keep you up to date on emerging contaminants in the Houston Water Supply.

The threat of emerging contaminants in the Houston water supply is something the public should be educated on. A great deal of Houston’s tap water originates from the toilets and showers of the Dallas /Fort Worth area, and there have been various concerns regarding the safety of Houston’s water supply.

What are emerging contaminants?

The Water Quality Association states that “emerging contaminants” are used as a term to describe contaminants found in water supplies that have not been previously identified. The WQA lists pharmaceuticals, personal care products, and endocrine disrupting compounds as the main emerging contaminants.

Previous research on drugs in the water supply

The WQA notes that the U.S. EPA continues to research how these emerging contaminants could affect our bodies, since they are still in the process of being discovered. In an article written for the Texas Observer, Forrest Wilder notes that scientists were able to identify drugs such as Zoloft and Prozac in wild fish in North Texas, and they were able to detect changes in their behavior.

Scientists are continuing to study how these contaminants affect human life, Wilder notes that one area of concern involves the mixing of emerging contaminants with other chemicals in the water supply.

Emerging Contaminants in Houston

In an article from the Dallas Observer, a report was cited from StateImpact Texas were scientists claimed that pharmaceuticals are one of the main emerging contaminants in Houston’s water system. People who take pharmaceuticals end up releasing hormones into the toilet that end up in the Trinity River. Since some of the drugs do not have any government health standards or regulations requiring tests, scientists risk not detecting them in the purification process.

Prevent serious problems with Mirex purewater_small

At Mirex AquaPure Solutions, we want to educate people on the emerging contaminants in Houston’s water supply. The danger of consuming these contaminants is eliminated through the steps we take to purify our water. Our machines, such as the HydraQuest HRO250, contain a 5 stage water purification system that produces water safe to consume. We are committed to staying educated about Houston’s water supply, and our certification with the Water Quality Association helps us ensure the safety of our water machines. For more information, call us at 713-682-3000.