Your Drinking Water May be Contaminated by Untreated Wastewater

Your Drinking Water May be Contaminated by Untreated Wastewater

Due to recent heavy storms and floods, your drinking water may be contaminated by untreated wastewater. More than 1 million gallons of wastewater were released at the 69th Street Wastewater Treatment Plant on Wednesday afternoon in Houston. The three areas affected include Halls Bayou, White Oak Bayou, and Buffalo Bayou.

Contaminates in wastewater may include disease-causing microorganisms, dangerous chemicals, and harmful metals that can lead to a variety of serious health issues. Due to the toxic nature of the water, a boil order has been put into effect to keep the residents of Houston safe. The Department of Public Works and Engineering has advised residents to boil their water for at least one minute before personal use.

Although other Houstonians may be questioning if their drinking water is potentially hazardous, you can rest assured that filtered water from Mirex AquaPure Solutions ( is safe to drink. Our 5 stage water purification system ensures the source water that enters our machines leaves the machines clean and pure.

In fact, the fifth and final step of our purification system produces the same result as boiling water: We utilize UV light to purify water on a microbiological level, acting as a germicidal disinfection of microorganisms, parasites, and bacteria. With Mirex, you don’t have to second-guess if your water is safe to drink!

As a multi-year recipient of the Better Business Bureau Award for Excellence, Mirex AquaPure Solutions is committed to quality. We pride ourselves on providing effective, self-sanitizing pure drinking water systems to make certain your drinking water is contaminant free. To learn more about our systems and other products that we offer, call us today at (713) 682-3000.