Cancer-causing Agent Found in Houston Drinking Water


A cancer-causing agent has been found in Houston drinking water. Chromium 6, a chemical known to cause cancer in humans is present at levels far in excess of those considered safe by states such as California where the goal is 0.02 parts per billion.  By comparison unfiltered tap water in Houston averaged a whopping 6.7 parts per billion when tested by KPRC, Channel 2, back in November.  And the levels can be even higher in surrounding communities, often reach ten times higher than Houston’s.


While small amounts of Chromium 6 (Cr6+) occur naturally, industries often greatly increase the amount entering our ground water.  Not only does Chromium 6 cause cancer, particularly stomach cancer but even small amounts have been shown to cause problems during childbirth, skin burns and even pneumonia.  

Fortunately a good purification system like those from Mirex AquaPure Solutions will remove Chromium 6 as well as other carcinogens.  We recommend our Mirex M5 Countertop with its 5 Stage Purification process for safe, delicious and refreshing drinking water.  


The Mirex M5 Countertop, available exclusively from BBB Award of Excellence winner, Mirex Aqua Pure Solutions  provides industry leading multi-stage filtration that includes: Stage 1: Micron sediment filtration; Stage 2: A 1 Micron carbon filtration; Stage 3: Reverse osmosis membrane; Stage 4: A secondary .5 Micron Carbon screen for taste and odor reduction; and Stage 5: UV light purification.


The Mirex M5 Countertop system features:

    • Push Button Dispense


    • 9″ Space for Large Cups


    • LED indicator panel


    • Safety button for Hot tank


    • Mechanical float water shut-off system


    • Type T304 stainless steel


    • Hot and Cold Tanks


    • Adjustable cold temperature


  • Power switches for hot/cold tanks


And the compact size of the Mirex M5, makes it ideal for any office situation:


    • Width: 12.5 inches


    • Depth: 15 inches


    • Height: 19 inches


    • .5 Gallon hot tank


    • 1 Gallon cold tank


    • Ambient connects to filters


    • Water Connection: 1⁄4″ tubing


    • Weight: 40 lbs. (dry) + Filter pack 15 lbs.


  • Power Supply: 120V/60Hz


Don’t expose your employees to the dangers of carcinogens like Chromium 6 or the other cancer-causing agents found in Houston drinking water.  Call Mirex Aqua Pure Solutions today at (713) 682-3000 or visit our website at to see how simple and affordable it is to begin enjoying safe, delicious and refreshing drinking water.