An Ice Machine for Home: Staving Off the Houston Heat

As we Houstonians know, Spring can be all too short in Texas. The sweltering heat of the summer can be more than just uncomfortable – it can also be dangerous. Its important to stay cool and keep hydrated during those particularly hot days. Getting an ice machine for home is a great way to cool off and encourage yourself to drink more water. Mirex AquaPure Solutions carries top-of-the-line home ice machines that hook up directly to your water source. Call (713) 682-3000 to learn more about our ice machines and water purification systems.

Options for your Home Ice Machine

All of our ice makers hook up directly to your homes’ water source to produce pure cubes. Our units come in a variety of styles and produce many different types of cubes.

Full length, counter top, and under counter ice makers are all available. Moreover, you can now have crescent and Sonic ice without leaving your house! Our home ice machines produce either top hat, Sonic, or crescent ice cubes.

Why Get an Ice Machine for Home?

The answer is comfort and convenience. These ice makers are wonderful alternatives to replacing an old refrigerator. They also work well in living rooms and garage apartments; having an ice maker in your room eliminates that pesky extra trip to the kitchen.

Our ice is pure, clean, and goes well with any drink. For more information about installing an ice machine in your Houston home, call Mirex AquaPure Solutions at (713) 682-3000.