Houston Pure Ice and Water Machines Company Wins BBB's "Award for Excellence" for Ninth Consecutive Year

Houston,TX (Marketwired) Jun 5, 2013 - At Mirex AquaPure Solutions, winning important awards for Outstanding Service in Water Purification is more than a distinction. It's a habit.

The Houston-based company just earned a Better Business Bureau "Award for Excellence" for the ninth consecutive year. This one, the Pinnacle Award, is the highest honor bestowed by BBB.

Winning awards is hardly surprising for family-owned-and-operated Mirex AquaPure Solutions.

Its pure water and ice machines are a proven safe, more convenient, green alternative to bottled water.

"Mirex AquaPure Solutions ensures that water goes through complete multi-stage filtration with reverse osmosis," said Charlie Hollis, the company's founder and president. "Our Ultra-Violet Light treatment also kills all microorganisms that might be in the water and self-sanitizes the water.

"Before water from one of our machines goes into an employee's drinking cup, or before our machines turn that water into ice, it's absolutely pure. Our machines produce cubed, shaved and Sonic ice."

Need for purity in water and ice is certain.

After a four-month investigation, a Houston TV station, KHOU, delivered shocking findings about the region's water supply. The station reported that hundreds of Gulf Coast water providers pass along radioactive contaminants in drinking water. These radioactive contaminants greatly elevate health risks.

The Dallas Observer recently reported even small amounts of Dallas-area wastewater finds its way into Greater Houston's drinking water supply.

Mirex AquaPure Solutions' machines eliminate those risks from tap water through their purification process.

"The key for us is multiple-stage filtration with four 2 1/2-by-13 filters," said Chas Hollis, the company's marketing manager. "Greater Houston's tap water has been found to contain radioactive alpha particles as well as having a Total Dissolvable Solids level at least twice as high as most of the USA, which for the most part are impurities."

The company's typical customers range from large corporations, law firms, hospitals or universities to manufacturing companies, small companies, and dentist and doctors' offices.

"We're about 98-percent business-to-business with our flexible rental plans that allow upgrading to new machines at any time," Charlie Hollis explained.

Each customer benefits from several remarkable benefits.

The company takes pride in its firm, three-to-five hour service response time. Machines come with a fix-or-replace warranty. Machines also carry a 60-month price protection guarantee.

Chas Hollis observed, "A customer who chooses our company doesn't have to worry about down time. Maximum up time is a major advantage of our machines and our service."

Charlie Hollis added, "With our (same-day) service, customers never have to ask us, 'When are you coming out here to fix our machine?'"

Mirex AquaPure Solutions offers many other customer benefits. There's no waiting for bottle delivery because there are no bottles. Absent bottles, any office has more space and less clutter.

No less important, without the need to lift heavy water bottles reduces back injuries and worker's compensation claims.

"When you sustain service quality as long as our company has," said Charlie Hollis, "good things continue to happen."

To learn more about Mirex AquaPure Solutions, call 713-682-3000.

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