Commercial Ice & Water Machine Rentals in Houston, Texas

Ice & Water Together Makes Everybody Happy!
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Bottleless Water Coolers & Houston Ice & Water Machines
Self Sanitizing, Pure Drinking Water Systems: Better Than Bottled Water!

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Mirex AquaPure Solutions carries a variety of self-sanitizing pure ice and water systems, including HydraQuest UV, Follett, Hoshizaki & Mirex.These systems are an affordable, sanitary, and safe alternative to Houston bottled water dispensers.

Our bottleless water coolers are connected to the building's water source, producing pure water on site. There are no bottles, therefore no bottle deposits, no waiting for water to be delivered, and no storage problems with the bottles. These systems provide pure water for your employees wellness without risking possible back injuries from picking up the heavy bottles. Due to the amount of back injuries from lifting the bottles, bottled water is one of the leading causes of workman's comp claims. Our drinking water systems are all self sanitizing, eliminating all bacteria and bio-film/slime from forming in the drinking water reservoir that is so prevalent in bottled water coolers.

Bottleless Ice & Water Coolers are "Much Better Solutions for Your Office"

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With bottled water coolers we find they are seldom, if ever, sanitized. The International Bottled Water Association states that if you want to provide safe drinking water to your employees, the cooler has to be sanitized on a regular basis to prevent risk of microbiological contamination within the water cooler itself. This requires scrubbing out the reservoir with a bleach solutions and rinsing vigorously to remove the bleach taste. If coolers aren't sanitized, bacteria and slime begin to form inside the cooler reservoir which results in water that is not healthy for employees to drink. There have been a least four sets of hands around the neck of the bottle before it is submerged into the drinking water supply. Who in your office is in charge of sanitizing the bottled water cooler?

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Bottleless Coolers That Don't Have Reverse Osmosis and UV Light or Distillation
Aren't Ready To Handle the Houston Municipal Water Supply!

With high levels of radiation in Houston tap water as pointed out in the Channel 11 news article "A Matter of Risk" produced in the summer of 2011 as well as the article written by the Dallas Observer 12-21-11 "Thanks to the Drought. Houston's Drinking More of Dallas's Wastewater Than Ever Before" about the water flowing from Dallas Ft. Worth Area sewage facilities down the Trinity River into the Houston Municipal Drinking Water Supplies. Both articles are posted on our website under the Articles section.

While the state of Houston drinking water is frightening, there is no reason for concern if you are drinking from a Mirex AquaPure Solutions Pure Ice or Water System. We can produce Pure H2O from the nastiest water with our Five Stage Purification Process and Regularly Scheduled Preventative Maintenance, a free service where we regularly change out all the filters and UV Light every 6 to 9 months.

Don't be fooled. If you want local service you need to deal with a local company that's BBB Houston Rated A+ like Mirex AquaPure Solutions serving the Houston and Houston Surrounding Areas for their Drinking Water Needs since 1998!

Don't fall for internet ads and sign up with a company with out of state billing, no local office for your Houston ice and water needs, and with no local service organization to respond to service calls. Houston tap water has its own unique issues. Many pure water companies may treat the water but, while it is a step up from bottled water, most systems don't put the water through the same process of five stage purification like Mirex does and none provide the same level of service, "Guaranteed 3 to 5 Hour Response Time" should you need us with a "Fix or Replace Guarantee".

For more information regarding Houston ice and water machines and to learn more about the benefits of switching from a bottled water system, please call (713) 682-3000 or contact us online.