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Crescent Commercial Ice Machines

Commercial Houston Ice Machines: Crescent

Mirex carries a large selection of Hoshizaki ice machines that produce hard, clear crescent shaped ice cubes. These Houston ice machines vary in capacity and are perfect for office break rooms and commercial applications.

Energy-efficient designs, including ENERGY STAR qualified units, are also available. Systems are equipped with a dual stainless steel evaporator and an H-Guard Plus Antimicrobial Agent the keep these ice maker dispensers dry, clean and running smoothly.

Please click on the models below to view the specification sheet for an ice machine.

Low-Profile Modular
Model Series Ice Production
KML-325M Up to 385 lbs/24 hours
KML-451M Up to 404 lbs/24 hours
Marine Series
Model Series Ice Production
KML-700M Up to 636 lbs/24 hours
KM-1400SWH-M Up to 1370 lbs/24 hours
KM-1400SWH-M3 Up to 1370 lbs/24 hours
Model Series Ice Production
KMD-410M Up to 440 lbs/24 hours
KMD-450M Up to 460 lbs/24 hours
KMD-850M Up to 836 lbs/24 hours
KMD-901M Up to 876 lbs/24 hours
Model Series Ice Production
KM-61BAH Up to 71 lbs/24 hours
KM-101BAH Up to 115 lbs/24 hours
KM-151B_H Up to 146 lbs/24 hours
KM-201B_H Up to 215 lbs/24 hours
KM-260B_H Up to 268 lbs/24 hours
Serenity Series
Model Series Ice Production
KMS-830MLH Up to 820 lbs/24 hours
KMS-822MLH Up to 839 lbs/24 hours
KMS-1401MLJ Up to 1420 lbs/24 hours
KMS-2000MLH Up to 1884 lbs/24 hours
Slim-Line Modular
Model Series Ice Production
KM-320M Up to 352 lbs/24 hours
KM-515M Up to 501 lbs/24 hours
KM-600M Up to 592 lbs/24 hours
KM-650M Up to 680 lbs/24 hours
KM-901M Up to 912 lbs/24 hours
KM-901M3 Up to 912 lbs/24 hours
KM-1100MAH Up to 1184 lbs/24 hours
KM-1340M Up to 1401 lbs/24 hours
KM-1601M Up to 1508 lbs/24 hours
KM-1601M3 Up to 1508 lbs/24 hours
Model Series Ice Production
KM-1301S Up to 1353 lbs/24 hours
KM-1301S3 Up to 1353 lbs/24 hours
KM-1601S Up to 1531 lbs/24 hours
KM-1601S3 Up to 1565 lbs/24 hours
KM-1900S Up to 1915 lbs/24 hours
KMH-2000S_H3 Up to 1929 lbs/24 hours
KMH-2000S_H Up to 1944 lbs/24 hours
KM-1900S3 Up to 1965 lbs/24 hours
KM-2100S_H3 Up to 2096 lbs/24 hours
KM-2500S_H3 Up to 2424 lbs/24 hours

Find a state-of-the-art crescent ice cube maker the best suites your needs and your budget. To learn more about our selection of Houston ice machines, please call Mirex AquaPure Solutions at (713) 682-3000.

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