How excessive flooding effects wastewater treatment plants

  • 23rd August 2017

90% of natural disasters are flood related Today we will be taking a closer look at how excessive flooding effects wastewater treatment plants. After wildfires, flooding is the most widespread natural disaster in the United States; in fact, they consist of 90% of the natural disasters announced by our President. Flooding not only impacts our drinking water, it can also cause damage to our assets, personnel and loss of power. Flooding causes environmental disaster Another factor to consider is many wastewater treatment plants take preventative measures, such as; creating an emergency response plan, elevating electrical equipment and having emergency generators on hand, to increase their flood resilience (ability to withstand flooding).  These measures minimize damage, and aid them in a rapid recovery.  However, even with…

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Cancer-causing Agent Found in Houston Drinking Water

  • 19th April 2017

  A cancer-causing agent has been found in Houston drinking water. Chromium 6, a chemical known to cause cancer in humans is present at levels far in excess of those considered safe by states such as California where the goal is 0.02 parts per billion.  By comparison unfiltered tap water in Houston averaged a whopping 6.7 parts per billion when tested by KPRC, Channel 2, back in November.  And the levels can be even higher in surrounding communities, often reach ten times higher than Houston’s.   While small amounts of Chromium 6 (Cr6+) occur naturally, industries often greatly increase the amount entering our ground water.  Not only does Chromium 6 cause cancer, particularly stomach cancer but even small amounts have been shown to cause problems…

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Lead in Houston Drinking Water

  • 9th March 2017

Is your office water safe?  A March 3, 2017 front-page story in the Houston Chronicle indicated that it might not be as safe as you think.  In fact there is lead in Houston drinking water.  And sometimes at levels which are unsafe for consumption.    The article focused on lead in area schools but readers should remember that the same factors that can cause elevated and sometimes-dangerous levels of lead in a school can, and likely are, present in area business locations. What are the health risks of lead exposure and contamination from Houston drinking water? While the greatest risks are associated with children’s health, according to WebMD and the World Health Organization, excessive amounts of lead in adults can lead to high blood pressure,…

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Houston Purified Water Cooler and Dispenser, the HydraQuest HRO250

  • 17th February 2017

When your office, facility or warehouse needs delicious pure water, the answer in Houston is a purified water cooler and dispenser, the high volume HydraQuest HRO250 from an A+ BBB Rated, Mirex AquaPure Solutions. This outstanding hot or cold water dispenser delivers an industry leading 5-stage purification process which which includes: Stage 1: Sediment filtration to remove heavy particulates. Stage 2: Pre-Carbon filtration eliminates chloramines and chlorine for improved taste and smell. Stage 3: Reverse Osmosis to remove inorganic and organic compounds such as radiation, arsenic, fluoride, lead, parasitic cysts and copper. Stage 4: Post-Carbon filtration Stage 5: UV (Ultra Violet) Light purification to destroy and remove even the smallest viruses, bacteria, micro-organisms and parasites. The HydraQuest HRO250 will give you pure water on-site, that…

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Your Drinking Water May be Contaminated by Untreated Wastewater

  • 20th January 2017

Your Drinking Water May be Contaminated by Untreated Wastewater Due to recent heavy storms and floods, your drinking water may be contaminated by untreated wastewater. More than 1 million gallons of wastewater were released at the 69th Street Wastewater Treatment Plant on Wednesday afternoon in Houston. The three areas affected include Halls Bayou, White Oak Bayou, and Buffalo Bayou. Contaminates in wastewater may include disease-causing microorganisms, dangerous chemicals, and harmful metals that can lead to a variety of serious health issues. Due to the toxic nature of the water, a boil order has been put into effect to keep the residents of Houston safe. The Department of Public Works and Engineering has advised residents to boil their water for at least one minute before personal…

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